Athletic Director’s Welcome

I came to Mount Saint Charles as a shy and unassuming 9th grader in the fall of 1996.  Going about my classes, making it through the school day became the norm and a bit monotonous as the school year began.  It was not until the winter of that year that I found my true calling and why I have never left Mount. Becoming a member of the basketball team took away many of my insecurities.  It gave me a purpose, it made me feel as if I belonged. Interacting with a group of teammates that quickly became friends, many of which I still talk to to this day! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my decision to play basketball here at Mount would change my life and help me understand how important being part of a team and a community can be.   I had tremendous coaches that were great role models and leaders. Quickly they helped me understand what it was that I wanted to do with my life….become a teacher and a coach!

In athletics here at Mount we promote education based athletics, teaching value through sports.  Building yourself as an athlete, student, and person is what being part of a team can do. As a parent and as an athletic administrator, I feel very strongly in saying that I believe being a member of a sports team at this school is something that every student should experience. We promote excellence in what we do on and off the playing field, but we also promote participation. Some teams do make cuts; however, there are a number of teams which do not cut and accept students who are willing to work hard, learn and want to be part of a team.

There are over 50 teams here and over 70 coaches. There is a place here for every student. Our goal is to have every student reach his/her own level of greatness. Parents, encourage your child to play a sport. Students, think about participating in athletics. I believe that it will make a difference in your lives.  Playing sports for your school and wearing the Mount colors will instill in you Mount Pride that myself and many others have had the chance to feel!

Once a Mountie, Always a Mountie!

Raymond Leveille, CAA Class of 2000
Director of Athletics